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Solar shades, should Ieave them bare or get the valance?

7 years ago

I am getting ready to order some solar shades for my living room but looking for a little advice before I do. I have decided on the Bali brand, color is Benton Pewter with a 10% openness. I have 5 large windows in my living room, 3 of which are very high up and will need to be motorized to operate. I like the minimalist look with clean lines so I was debating between leaving the rollers as is or getting the square valance option offered when you order them. I am wondering if I don't get the valance for the motorized ones if you will be able to see the motors. I have never purchased these before so I'm not sure what to expect. I would like to know which way people have gone (valance/no valance) and whether or not they like the look they've chose. Any advice/pictures are appreciated!

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