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Walnut Veneer Issues

7 years ago


I'd so greatly appreciate your help in identifying the issues with my new veneered walnut kitchen cabinets. It was extremely difficult to take good pictures, but hopefully the images will provide enough detail.

At the edges of the veneer, there appear to be two issues: There's discoloration (light areas) and what may be called "crazing," where the wood looks brittle and the poly looks thin. This isn't everywhere, but is on enough of the cabinet fronts that I'd really like your opinion before I pay the cabinetmaker any more money. I have other veneered cabinets in my home, including in walnut, and none have these issues.

Also, the cabinets, which we've barely started using, aren't durable. You breathe on them and they're scratched and dinged. I planned this kitchen for months and emphasized the importance of durability - and paid for solid wood edgebanding instead of tape or veneer edges - and now I don't know what to do.

Honestly, the durability issues bother me far more than the problems with the edges of the veneer. But I think I may have more recourse with the cabinetmaker with the edges, whereas regarding durability, they may simply say that I'm being too tough on the cabinets.

My sincere thanks for any input on these veneer issues.

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