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Opinions on moving laundry room TO the basement

9 years ago

Have a 1951 ranch, where a decent-sized laundry room was put on the main floor just off the kitchen. However, because of the configuration of the room (doors, windows), there's not enough space for a standard sized w/d with a sink, at least not in any grouping that works right. I suspect when the house was built, only a wringer washer was planned, not a dryer.

Two choices: go with a stackable w/d, which will require replumbing the drains and supplies, and leaves a fairly small area to work in, or

Move the laundry to the walk-out basement, where there is plenty of space and light.

The other advantage of moving the laundry is that the room it now occupies off the kitchen is free to become a pantry, or whatever else is needed.

Two friends who are realtors are adamantly opposed to the laundry being moved downstairs. They say a first floor laundry is a big bonus for the house, though I'd think a more useful laundry would be better.

Any opinions are appreciated.

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