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Feedback on Kitchen Remodel Design

9 years ago

Posting our current Kitchen remodeling plans here for your feedback. We're open to any and all comments/changes on our current plan. You can download our Sketchup model in case anyone would like to move things around. This album contains all images.

There is nothing from the current kitchen that is worth saving, it is a full gut-job. We really could win an ugly-kitchen contest. There is a single lightbulb in the entire kitchen, the cabinets don't match, nor are they actually attached to the wall. We've posted pictures for those who think this might be exaggeration or for the type who just like rubbernecking at an accident scene.

So the nice thing is that we're starting from a pretty blank slate. There is basement under the kitchen and our contractor says moving plumbing and electrical shouldn't be too hard.

We have parking behind the house, so the back door in the kitchen will be a frequently used entrance. DH usually parks in the back, but currently I rarely use it, and instead park on the street, entering from the front. I find the current kitchen stressful to enter into. There is no where to put anything down and there isn't even a light switch near the door. You have to cross the dark kitchen to turn on the single light bulb that illuminates the entire room. This can be treacherous when your hands are full and there are two kitties clamoring for your attention underfoot.

A little about us, we are currently just two, but we are expecting a baby boy in June. We both cook though the current kitchen makes it near impossible to have two people in the kitchen at once. We eat out more than we should, in part because cooking in the kitchen is so unpleasant.

Our goal is to have a functional kitchen that is attractive, pleasant to be in, and truly is the heart of the home. We are working with a tight budget as we will have many new expenses with the baby as well.

We like the addition of seating in the kitchen to allow even quick dinners to be eaten together. We're looking into getting a high chair seat that slides onto the edge of the counter, and I like the idea of our son sitting at the island, out of the way of preparation chaos, working on his homework or telling us about his day. When he's old enough, I'd like him to be able to help in the kitchen as well. I hope the kitchen can be large enough to accommodate he and his friends when they are teenagers, and massive amount of food they will consume (god help us!)

We do need fairly easy access to a microwave, coffee maker and convection toaster oven. I dislike counter clutter, so I was hoping to stow the microwave away in the pantry cabinet if there is room.

We like to entertain, but don't do it as much as we would like because the kitchen is so terrible. We like the idea of opening a second doorway to the dining room to give it a more open feel and allow easy access to the dining room when serving.

We've posted our current design. We're looking at using...

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