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Closet Layout Dilemma

7 years ago

I have a small bedroom in my house where the closets were... not planned very well. The closets were arranged so both butt into the usable space of one room. It used to be one large bedroom, but the way they split it into two... I don't know what they were thinking. I've attached a crummy picture from before we moved in.

Would it be worth it to consider having the closets reworked so the space is more usable? As a buyer, would this room turn you off? I don't even know how much something like re-doing 2 closets would be.

Both of the bedrooms are being used as offices, so the space works for us (although the long wall on the right does not have any outlets, so you have to run cords across the floor). I couldn't imagine trying to fit a bed and dresser, etc. in there.

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