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Removing Load Bearing Wall

8 years ago

Hi ya'll.
We are removing part of a load bearing wall and adding a counter to create a breakfast bar/pass through type of situation. We have four small children, so I am looking for a place to keep an eye on them while they eat/do their homework, etc. but I am most looking forward to letting in the natural light from the dining room.
A couple of dilemmas:
1. Being that it is a load bearing wall, we plan to include a header and follow the crown moulding from the cabinets around to look even. We plan to include a weight bearing column at the end of the countertop but I am not sure how to deal with the moulding around the current doorway to the dining room. That doorway also abuts another doorway as well. Any ideas?
2. I was thinking of finding a slab of granite (or other material) in a lighter color to ease the transition between the darker cabinets and lighter dining room. I am not sure how to handle the situation with the different colors. The entire house has white mouldings/doors, etc. except for the kitchen. I am not sure how to create a transition from warm colors in the kitchen to the cool colors of the rest of the house. Perhaps changing the lighting from halogen lightbulbs will make the cabinets appear lighter? I am not sure what to do...any thoughts?

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