Would a "speed oven" work for me? Which one?

6 years ago

I bake a lot of cookies. I roast chicken. I make pizza. I reheat Indian naan bread. I roast veggies.

Which fancy microwave would do all that for me the same way I do it now in an oven? Any of them?

But I still want it to act like a regular microwave, making popcorn and reheating coffee.

If I had my wish, I'd get a double oven induction freestanding range, and a traditional microwave (built in) and life would be sweet.

Unfortunately, product manufacturers don't consult me when planning or discontinuing their products. There's no such thing as an induction range with dual ovens at this time. Sigh.

I really wanted an induction stove. But I LOVE my little oven in my current electric freestanding oven. It is probably the most used appliance I own. It heats up almost instantly, and cooks anything that fits in a cookie sheet or casserole dish. And I still have the bigger oven below for all the large cooking activities. But because there's no such thing as an induction/dual oven combo, I'm basically having to decide between induction or a small oven.

Several months ago, I visited an appliance store and asked about half height wall ovens, and she told me it didn't exist. She said anyone who has space for wall ovens wants full sized ones.

I decided on a single oven with induction top (freestanding), and adding in a wall oven so I'd at least still have 2 ovens for when I occasionally cook things at 2 different temps. But DH is giving me a hard time about it.

As a compromise, he's suggested a Samsung microwave that apparently works as a toaster oven and deep fryer? I can get that instead of my wall oven and microwave. So I have been investigating speed oven options. Of course, it's all marketing, and all they say is that their product is amazing.

That same woman who told me there was no small wall oven did suggest a Miele product. It might have been a speed oven. She said it was both a microwave and a regular oven. I asked if it made popcorn, and she said no. So in my definition, that's not a microwave. It seemed the only thing that made it "microwave" was that it was small, too small for a cookie sheet.

And I have recently seen a GE wall oven with 2 small compartments. But I only want 1. And when DH caught me looking at it, he though it was particularly ridiculous and that's when he got upset at the idea of a wall oven. (Because now I'd need 3 ovens, 2 small and a regular).

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