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Which Range - Sealed or Open Burner?

9 years ago

Hi all,
I am in Canada and looking for a 36" gas range for my new house that is under construction. The Bluestar options from Costco are literally half the price of any other comparable range that I can get around here, so I will be going with one of them (we will have a separate electric wall oven, so I don't need a dual fuel).

Costco has two options: the RCS (I believe) or the Culinary series. The RCS has the Nova open burners but the Culinary has sealed burners. The two ranges are identical except for a few important differences:

-The Culinary costs $500 less than the RCS ($2900)
-The RCS has five 15,000 BTU open burners and a simmer, whereas the Culinary is sealed with two 18,000 BTU burners, three 15,000s and one 5,000.
-The Culinary comes with the closer-to-flush small rear trim as opposed to the six inch high back plate on the RCS. My wife finds the smaller one more attractive as it will expose more of our travertine tile backsplash.

Can I save the $500 bucks and get more power, or do you think I need to have the open burners? Neither of us are amazing cooks at this point but we plan to work on that.

Thanks for the advice.

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