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Cold climate MUA for range hood above 36" Bluestar

8 years ago

Hi all,

This is my first post so please bear with me! I am in the final stages of possession on a house. It was built in 1977, has wood burning fire place, and natural draft furnace/water heater. It is my first renovation (whole house, will be logging it on here) and I always have dreamed of a large gas range. I plan to get the Bluestar Platinum 36" with charbroiler accessory. I used to work on the line (Usually Saute) in a few Italian restaurants. I plan to grill, deep fry on range, wok and saute often.

I knew that I would have to install a ~1000cfm range hood but did not anticipate a need for make up air. Now it's looking like I will need it from what I have been reading. I live in central Alberta, Canada. It dips to -10C to -40C (14F to -40F) for 4 to 5 months of the year.

Are there any alternatives to an expensive forced draft MUA preheater set up for this climate?

The house being somewhat old I'm wondering if I really need the same make up air that the hood removes. The largest concern would be back drafting the fireplace or the furnace/water heater.

Since the basement is unfinished MUA vents under the range from the outside is definitely an option. If I do it this way do I really need to warm the air to room tempurature? Could I use an undersized duct heater that would still raise the tempature sufficient enough that would be pulled straight out the hood without cooling down the entire house?

I was also looking at external range hood fans. I'm concerned about snow. I'd like to keep the fan noise down but those exterior exhaust fans look like they could easily get covered in a heavy snowfall or blizzard. Then I'd be conerened about ice buildup under the snow freezing the damper shut... etc. Has anyone used an external range hood fan in cold climates? Would you be share your experiences?

Thanks in advance for all replies

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