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Is this bathroom fixable? Or do I need to gut?

9 years ago

My bathroom has a number of problems, and I'm wondering whether I can fix them without gutting.
1. no fan
2. no electrical outlet
3. broken soap dish
4. many cracked wall tiles
5. 1 broken floor tile

I'm not particularly interested in gutting.

Other notable things:
1. It looks like the tub was re-enamelled, and the original colour might've been green. The enameling still looks good, but there are a few scratches.
2. I'm worried that there is vermiculite in the walls. So if I take the tiles out, and I see vemiculite, will I need to gut anyway?
3. Chrome bath fittings are in excellent condition.
4. This is the only bathroom in the house. 3 people use it.

See pics.

Overall bathroom (looks pretty nice):

Broken tile and soap dish (which was repaired with something, but I don't know what):

Broken floor tile:

More cracked tile:

What should I do?

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