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Any reviews on Victoria & Albert tubs?

8 years ago

While waiting for my renovation plans to be approved by the city, I have vacillated on my bathtub choice. I chose the Wetstyle BE-01 (66" L x 34" W) free-standing composite bathtub, but changed my mind three times.

Now I'm thinking about the Victoria & Albert free-standing Barcelona tub. I've tried several of the V&A tubs, but none of the tubs I tried were comfortable for me - either too narrow (30" wide) or too long (76" long). I'm trying to find a showroom that has the Barcelona so I can try it out.

The V&A and Wetstyle tubs are both composite materials and weigh about the same. The Wetstyle has a 5-year warrantee and the V&A has a 25 year warrantee. The Wetstyle is more expensive. The V&A tubs have more distributors - so easier to negotiate on the price.

Can anyone comment on durability or comfort of either tubs?

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