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I am so sick of saying that I just didn't know.

9 years ago

We are probably a month to 6 weeks from finishing this house and I can not tell you many times I have said "I didn't know." This is the first house we have ever built and we don't plan on ever building another one.

1. No, it didn't occur to me to inquire about raising the shower plumbing because I am tall.

2. I didn't know that if you wanted outlets in the floor that it really needed to be put in the floor plan way ahead of time.

3. Today, we went to the house to look at the cabinet work. I looked at my wall of cabinets in the kitchen and turned to hubby and said that I thought they looked shallow. Upon measuring they are 11.something inches. So is the appliance garage underneath. My builder said this is the standard depth of cabinets and he was the one who told the cabinet maker to make them standard depth. The length of my stand mixer is 13 inches so it won't even fit in the garage unless we turn it sideways.

I didn't know the standard depth of cabinets were 11.something inches. No one told me this. I would have requested that the cabinets be made a little deeper for some oversized items and that would also make the appliance garage a little deeper.

The cabinets are already up against the wall and drilled in. I don't even know what can be done unless they are ripped down and they start over again? Is there anyway to just extend them a couple of inches.

Builder is going to talk to cabinet maker tomorrow to see if something an be done. I am just very frustrated!! I am new to this homebuilding thing and there are so many things that I wish I could have known before when decisions were being made.

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