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NEW: New Year's Theme Swap

mcc371- Tammy M.
7 years ago

It's that time of year for New Beginnings and a fresh start to a New Year!
So, let's share our love of seeds with one another by having a theme swap.

What is a theme garden? Well, it's any garden built around a particular theme. Probably the all-time classic one you have heard about is the herb garden, or the vegetable garden. You could build it around a color - moon garden (all white), love garden (all red). You can build it around plant requirements (smart gardeners do this, I'm not one of them, LOL) - shade garden, sun garden, woodland garden, etc. It can be any idea at all, really - be creative! Some people collect plants that have the names of their family members or they like plants that have animal names (like tiger lily.) When I participated last year, I would see the ideas others posted and kept thinking, "I want that one, too!" I currently have a couple, and have some new ideas for this year. It is going to be lots of FUN!!!!

Please sign up on this post up through January 2nd.
List your theme gardens, and any particular seeds you might like for them. Also, update your "Seeds Wanted" file, even if it doesn't have anything to do with the swap - some of us look at those and add in any matches we might have! Then, watch others' posts and start gathering seeds.
You may designate seeds for a specific person, but please put them in a separate baggy with their name on a sticky note rather than indicating it on the packet. That way, if one person gets 20 moonflower packets sent in for them, I can redistribute some to other players.
Seeds should be packaged in ready-to-trade individual packs; So as to cut down on sorting bulk seeds. You can add up to 20 bonus packs that are ones that you are basically giving away (please include a sticky note with "Bonus" on them.) and that you don't expect something in return.
All types of plant seeds (flowers, vegetables, herbs, shrubs) are welcome. However, if you only want vegetable seeds or only want flower seeds, or whatever, please let me know. I will do the best I can to fullfill that request based on what is sent in. You may not receive a one for one swap if you request say all vegetable and there is a limited amount. I will email you if this should happen. That being said, depending on what comes in, you may well get more than several packs back.
You are welcome to send in as many as you like - surplus will be distributed as I see fit.
If there is alot left I will do a "leftover" pick email at end of swap. and finally, send off what's left to Bakemom's Newbie Project or

I will be contacting everyone around January 3rd, and will be looking for seeds to be sent to me by January 12th, so I can redistribute them, I plan to have the seeds in the mail back to you for an early February arrival date.
Please only send seeds that were harvested or purchased in 2013 or up to this year. Please let me know if you are willing to accept seeds from previous years before 2013.
You will need to send your seeds to me in a bubble mailer envelope. No boxes. Include a self-addressed label with your seeds. Keep the labels fairly small so I can try to re-use the bubble mailer you send when I return seeds to you and send a mailer that is sufficiently large. Inside the mailer include a listing of the seeds you have sent, a copy of your theme garden list and seed wishes, and your GW name.
Most importantly: Please include postage to equal the amount of postage or more it costs you to send your package.

Note to Newbies: if you have only few packs, still play! If you have NO seeds to trade, go buy 2 or 3 packs and still play! Many "vets" send in extras to swaps to be given away. I cannot guess how many seeds you will receive than you send in, but I know I have some, and I bet others do, too.

Some themes I have seen or heard of over the years and there is lots more:

Gemstones - (topaz, opal, quartz, diamond, emerald, ruby, etc.)

Classical Herb - (Italian Basil Pesto, Lavender, Mint, Rosemary)

Vegetable - (tomato, pepper, cucumber)

Numbers Garden (Four O'Clocks, Five Spot)

Foliage that is "Anything But Green" (Gray, brown, or purple foliage)

Witch's Garden, (Mandrake, Rowan, Aconitum vulparia, Wolfsbane)
Fairytale garden (fairy, pixie, dwarf, gnome, dragon, wizard, treasure, or miniature in the name)

I love reading everyone's ideas. I will be gathering seeds and hunting through my seed box to find things that everyone will like! So let's get creative!!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!
Tammy (mcc371)

P.S. I will go ahead and start with my theme:

My Theme Gardens:
Gemstone garden- anything with names or colors associated with a Gemstone.
Vegetable Garden- anything from tomatos,peppers, corn, squash, or cucumbers.
Lily Garden- any varieties of Lilies

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