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Bosch Benchmark Slide-In Induction Range Review

7 years ago

My Bosch Benchmark Slide-In Induction Range (HIIP054U) was installed 10 December 2014 and has been getting heavy use since then. Overall, I love it! When researching this appliance, I found scant information online, so I thought it would help to add my two cents.

My former range was gas. I switched to induction to reduce indoor air pollution, plus my dad--an engineer--was pretty excited about induction technology.

In case anyone cares about my cooking habits/ level: I cook dinner six nights a week for two and consider myself a decent home cook that uses all appliances A LOT.

Note: I'm not really sure about the proper use of the word "hob." For this review, I am going to use it to mean an individual cooktop element (as opposed to all of the elements).

I think it's a nice looking appliance, but it has no knobs. All of the controls are buttons with digital display. If you like an industrial or farmhouse look, you won't like this range's look. It also lacks sharp edges which might appeal to those who like the super sleek, Euro kitchens.

The induction cooktop is great. It is designed to obviate the need for counter fillers. The gaps on either side are covered by the cooktop which extends about half an inch on either side. The hobs are well-placed. I was relieved to discover that certain pots can be used on more than one hob; increased flexibility is always a plus. The cooktop is very easy to clean. The superboost function is great for boiling water. And the individual hob timers are great! For poaching chicken, cooking grains or soup, just get the desired simmer, then forget about it. The cooktop has a separate kitchen timer that does not control any hobs. The heat controls range from 1 through 9 with half increments; I love the precise level of heat control. One has to spend a focused ten minutes or so learning how to use control the cooktop. It's fairly intuitive; once you know how to manage the timers and cook settings, you can do it without much thought. I have two minor complaints: (1) setting the timer with the "+" and "-" buttons can seem tedious, (2) I would love to be able to turn off each hob without needing "-" the heat control to "0".

I am still getting accustomed to all of the different oven settings, particularly convection. That said, I love the oven. I like the roll-out rack except that it is harder to clean than the standard racks. The oven control panel is very easy to use--far less tedious than the cooktop control panel as it has a numeric panel. The display is bigger than the cooktop display and shows you everything that is going on at a glance (temperature, preheat status, timer). I now know how to distinguish the various beeps and bells and love that it tells you when the preheat is complete with a gentle "ding." So far, I have made baked goods, roasted vegetables and various meats (including poultry and fish). I am still learning how to adjust temperature and time for various meat dishes, but it has been a snap for everything else. The probe is worthless as I imagine it is for most ovens. I'm sticking to my quick-read thermometer.

Since I have never used a warming drawer, I was not sure if I would even use mine. But I like having one. My kitchen remodel included opening the kitchen to the living and dining rooms. Now that everyone can see the entire kitchen, it's nice to be able to cook food 15 minutes ahead of time and tidy up a bit before guests arrive. It's easy to use.

As mentioned above, this range is new. I can not speak to durability or Bosch service. Nevertheless, I am very happy with it. If anyone has questions, please ask!

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