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Bosch Benchmark wall oven with sideswing door?

8 years ago

Hello all,

To avoid the blue enamel/porcelain issue, we have been looking at the new Bosch Benchmark wall oven with the swinging door. We went to a dealer today, and found that the door rattled significantly when closing. The front door construction includes an inner glass pane, an exterior glass pane, and a third glass pane in between. Through the bottom of the door, you could push the the middle glass pane about 0.75cm upward, so it is not secured to the door by the factory.

I gave Bosch a call, and they said that this was overlooked error from the manufacturing side, but that there was a fix that a Bosch technician could do. I know there aren't many owners on here yet, but has anyone needed or done this fix? Just want to make sure that they can actually fix the issue.


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