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Upset - bath tub issue

8 years ago


I'm new to this board and hoping someone can guide me with below issue.

Few months ago we remodeled our small bathroom. After the project was completed and payed up, I noticed the tub was squeaking and giving in at the back end (note: faucet front area is solid).

The plumber came back, cut out an opening in the back closet, and injected foam under tub, targeting only the back section.

Since it didn't fix it, my gc called the store and Kohler to get a Kohler rep to come come in. When he came in, he diagnosed the tub as having the fiberglass lining not adhering to

acrylic. His solution was to drill holes into the tub and inject some sort of acrylic-type gel. He assured me the holes will be invisible and nothing will leak. Being concerned, I called Kohler and they said it was not an approved solution. They also had no idea who came out! So, I asked them to send someone directly. Nobody called for a week, I called back Kohler at which point they changed their story saying that the guy who came out was indeed the rep and that he diagnosed improper installation. Unbelievable, I wish I had recorded the conversation!

Since I needed a second opinion, I had another contractor come in and he diagnosed the tub as delaminating.

I don't know what to do. Kohler is blaming installation. More than one person, including Kohler rep who later changed his story, diagnosed it as the tub itself. Any advice?

Did anyone ever fix this issue by injection of gel, or should I pursue this and replace tub? I don't know how to proceed.

Lost and sadly confused.

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