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bosch convection oven and steam oven vs. miele or wolf?

9 years ago

Hello GW experts. Looking for some insights from people who own and use both a standard convection oven ("CO") AND a steam oven ("SO"). My wife and I spend lots of time cooking things that love steam (fish, veggies), baking (pastries, cakes, eager to experiment with bread) and also roasting, braising, broiling, pizza, etc. etc. Very eager to try roasting chickens and slow braising in the SO!

For what its worth, we plan to go with a 36" induction cooktop but thats another story.

After some research, it seems the Bosch Benchmark Combination Steam Oven is a great value at $5,699 ( This includes the Benchmark SO and the Benchmark CO, but doesnt seem to have the side swing door option. Buying the side swing and SO separate would total only a few hundred more at $5,998 ($3,099 for SO and $2,899 for CO w/ side swing door).

The Wolf E Series (30") or Miele M-Touch offerings would cost just over $8,000 for their CO + SO. Gaggenau is quite a bit more than that so Im not really considering them yet (although their 400 series SO seems pretty awesome).

Is there anything about the Wolf or Miele CO that really stand out vs. the Bosch? I understand the Miele is the only SO with a broiler built in. Is that important if you can make a nice crispy roast in the others, and have a broiler in the adjacent CO?

Our budget could probably absorb any of the above choices but would cause us to cut back in other areas. Other thoughts?

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