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NEW: veggie, herb (culinary & medicinal),edible seed swap

9 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hello, I would like to host a seed swap for edibles and medicinal pants. I am going to be throwing in a bunch myself. I don't really see a seed swap for this recently so I would like to get one going. I've done some trades on here before and was very happy with each of them. If you would like to participate please contact me and or send in any seeds you have to trade, and a envelope/package pre-addressed and with postage so I can mail seeds back to you, along with your WANT list. The details I have tried to make simple below.

Any edibles including but not limited to
-Veggies - any vegetables or greens..tomatoes to corn to beans... anything
-Fruits - Any kind of fruit seeds you are willing to swap, such as berries
-Herbs (Culinary) - Different Basils, Thymes, Mints, etc...
-Grains - Amaranth, Quinoa, etc....
-Medicinal plant seeds - these can be wild collected natives such as different artemisias, mallows, anything

Rare and heirloom seeds are more than welcome

Things like everyday flowers and plants that are not edible nor medicinal and are especially poisonous, such as moonflowers (datura), morning glories, foxgloves, etc....
Nothing highly poisonous or used as a hallucinogenic, etc....



-Seeds... Any varieties accepted in this swap that were collected 2012 or after. You can send as many as you want. Home garden collected or commercial. More seeds sent equals to more seeds sent out and swapped and more fun.
-Pre addressed envelope with postage so I can send seeds back to you
-A Want list. Please include your most wanted varieties (such as: Tomato-Black cherry, Hot Pepper - Scorpion, or Corn - Blue) Along with some general wants (such as: Open to any bush beans, any carrots, etc..)


The swap starts as soon as the first seeds come in. I will keep everyone updated here. I will try to send back as many seed varieties as you sent in and try to send you what's on your want list. You will NOT get 2 of the same thing. If you want to include a 'Do not send me' list of things you absolutely don't want, please do so.

I know this will be a fun seed swap for everyone :)

I want to give everyone plenty of time to send seeds in and to allow for more variety of seed to be able to exchange so the deadline to get your seeds in will be Friday, April 3, the time will be extended if needed and if enough agree upon but right now it is set. I would like to have all the seeds mailed back out to everyone the following Monday, April 6.

Please email me or post here if you have any questions! :)

I want to make everyone as happy as possible

email if you have any questions or anything else you want to contact me about

Again, The deadline to get your seeds in is APRIL 3, want to send seeds back out by APRIL 6 and need a few days to get things packaged back up to mail to you.

Happy Swapping,
Olivia - oliviarosaline

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