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NEW: Big one time seed swap

Belinda Sisemore
8 years ago

Big One Time seed swap. Everything from Flowers to veggies.
Dead Line is: March 15-2015
I am hosting a big one time seed swap. Send as many packets of seeds as you like.
The number you send will be the number you get back: (example- you send 25 in you get 25 back)
Be SURE to add proper amount of shipping for returning your seeds. (send either a SASE with proper postage for mailing back your seeds-since you'll be sending the same amount as you get back then postage should run about the same both ways) OR (use the same envelope and just toss in correct amount of stamps & and an address label. I'll be happy to lick and stick'em for you.)
There will be no swapping until all packages are received. (Last time I did a swap the list topped 100 people I�d love to double that number) I will let everyone know when all packages are received.
I do a "want list" and I try to fill at least one (I try to do two) items off this list. (Please remember I am not the seed fairy)
Dates and dead lines: Swap starts NOW and all packages must be in by March 15-2015
I am always ask what amount to send and how to send it, and what amount is a fair trade. me a fair trade would be what I'd feel like getting back. I'm not a seed counting person. I use a tea spoon and put some in a bag. If it's a large seed just use good judgment, and please remember we are not all born with a green thumb and sometimes we need enough seeds to try again. (But if you must count let's say....10-25 seeds pre seed package for regular flowers, I'm sure all would agree you'd really have no need for 10-25 bushes or shrubs of the same seed)
Rules (guess we need some, so here goes)
1. Seeds must reach here by dead line March 15-2015
2. Seeds must be in individual packets (make you own, buy some, doesn't matter to me) and size of your bag is up to you.
3. Please try and put at least 10-25 seeds pre packet (bag). (I know sometimes it's hard to squeeze that many big seeds in a small packet, but please try.)
4. Be sure to add your (SASE ) or postage and label for return of your seeds.
5. Be sure your seeds are dry and in a good swapping condition, if you send seeds that get here moldy, crumbly, etc. you'll get those back. DRY YOUR SEEDS DON"T WASTE POSTAGE
6. Send any thing you like, a large assortment or all of one kind, doesn't matter to me. Just remember, if we all send in sunflowers , then we all get back sun flowers.
7. Yes, you can send as many as you like, 100, 200, 10, your choice. I have 200 done up so far. And yes, if you have time you can do a double swap. Just makes for more to please every one with. So....GO FOR IT!
Big One Time Seed Swap
If you want (in) mail seeds to:
Belinda Sisemore
4769 West state HWY 297
Osceola, AR 72370
Email: AKA Suzydaze

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