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Shortest Day of Year Northern Hemisphere

8 years ago

Yes, shortest day for us, longest day for southern hemisphere.
In my location, it will be at 5:03 pm local time on Dec 21st.

I give you a link below to calculate the hour for your location.

It is an occasion that for years a cousin and I would celebrate with champagne and eggs benedict at the exact hour, even when it was 4am. This year, it is a reasonable hour, and what will happen at our house is the easier version, just champagne and cheese at the bistro table moved to our new deck for the sunset celebration. We'll be observing the hosta garden of untipped dormant containers behind the lattice shade screen.

With the sun at a -23.5 degree off its high summer path, our days are much cooler, and the hosta are kept in shade almost all day long. We've also had no rain to speak of, and therefore crown rot is not an issue YET.

So if you have a spare moment this last weekend before Christmas week, take a moment to mark the beginning of the winter season. Spring is a mere 90 something days away.

Cheers.....and "down the hatch!"

Here is a link that might be useful: Calculate YOUR Winter Solstice hour

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