Truth or Myth: A Rusty Nail Can Stimulate Fruit Production.

6 years ago

I want to throw the following out for some feedback, before trying it:

One of my neighbors informed me that his mandarin tree had not produced very many fruits for over six years, until one of his friends informed him that he should try driving a rusty nail into the tree trunk to stimulate the tree into producing more fruits. He said that after doing so, his was amazed when his tree produced a significant amount of fruits the following season.

I've heard similar recommendations given over the years for other none productive fruit trees. I understand, that there are other factors that could be causing the tree to not flower/fruit (e.g.; fertilization, watering, sunlight, etc.). However, all other factors or variables aside, I would like to know if anyone had tried this "rusty nail" approach, and if there's any science to back this approach into stimulating a citrus or any other types of fruit trees to better production (i.e. Is this a myth?).

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