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planting Norfolk Island Pine tree outdoors w/ multiple trunks?

9 years ago

i bought a Nrflk Islnd Pine tree 2 years ago during the christmas holidays, I live in Florida, its still alive (which is saying a great deal hahaha) and now its big and i want to plant it outside.

my question is this tree now has multiple trunks (5 actually) can i just cut off the other trunks and plant several, one trunked trees? it seems to me the tree started as a single trunked plant. But I could be wrong. the plant is about 20 inches tall.

I dont want to end up with a Norfolk Island Pine Bush that fans out; i want a single trunk tree that looks like a christmas tree. . I'm scared though if i cut off the other trunks it would stress out the plant and the entire thing might die....

what are your thoughts?

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