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Leyland Cypress Battle

Hello everybody,
I'll try to keep this concise. My husband and I moved into our house two years ago and cleared our fence line of all sorts of weedy mulberry, rose of sharon and bittersweet vines. We then planted loads of sun loving plants along that fence line, as it runs east/west, so you can think of it as south facing. One year ago we got new neighbors. They're very nice and well meaning, but they were determined to hedge in their property entirely, asap. They replaced the ramshackle stockade fence that was there with a short chain link fence, but then subsequently planted their entire perimeter with leyland cypress. These trees are planted maybe every two feet and may 2 feet from the fence line. Of course it's their property and they can plant what they want. I don't blame them, but blame the landscapers who charged them a fortune to plant too way more trees than needed and too close to the property line. What's done is done. Here's my question, can I expect to keep these trees trimmed as a vertical hedge along the fence line, sort of like a privet. I imagine it would require constant attention...but I also don't want to have to see the browned out side of the trees as a result of my trimming off new growth. Should I think of investing in a stockade fence that will keep the trees on their side of the property?

My main concerns are that I will lose a lot of garden space as the trees encroach on our property, and also that the trees will eventually shade out our plantings. along that side of the property.

Thanks for your advice!

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