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Need Help building a Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed

9 years ago

Hello All,
My name is Dan and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm new to gardening and looking for some help/advice on a cinder block raised garden bed I'm in the process of building. The bed is 192"L X 40"W X 24"H. I have selected the area and leveled the ground. I have also dry staked the blocks to get a feel for how it looks and ensure it's leveled. At this stage, I'm looking for some advice on the below. I've include links to some photos for reference.Thank you for your help.
1. The bed is setup against a cinder block fence that divides my yard from my neighbors, so that one side of the bed is the fence. Should I be concerned about the pressure on this fence from the soil in the bed? Would it be a good idea to use plastic landscape in-between the fence and the soil to avoid discoloring the fence?
2. I'm planning on filling up part of the bed with landscaping rock that I removed from the spot. I'm thinking this will be good for drainage and it means I won't need to purchase as much soil. What can I use in-between the rocks and the soil to keep the soil from going down into the rocks but still allow it to drain properly?

Thank you.

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