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Will tree cuttings grow exactly like parent tree or different?

7 years ago

Ok, i took some cuttings of a wild callery pear growing on the side of the highway. There are many of them.
The one i took cuttings from has a single trunk and the branches curve and then grow upwards. It forms a perfect shape. most of the other wild ones have multiple or dividing trunks.

Will these cuttings look just like the tree i got them from or can there be slight differences?

I choose this one because of the height, branching structure and perfect symetrical shape. All the branched dont come from the single trunk like the bradford, but they kind of divide the load. So maybe it wont break..... lol

I have seen some planted ones that were taller and had a thinner trunk so i think this seedling might not be as tall as some of the named cultivars.

But i just want to make sure what i get will look like the tree i want so that i dont waste my time growing something to only have a bad end result.

Please no snide comments....


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