Help with tricky (at least for me) water access

6 years ago


I have an issue that I'll be having to deal with in a couple months. The new place I'm living in does not have any outdoor water taps, and I'm not that into carrying jug after jug of water out into the yard (which is kind of what I did last year)

The garden is not big. There will be a roughly 30 plants spread around the small yard.

What I'm trying to work with is the fact that there is a large creek only 100 feet from the yard. On the other side of this creek is a very high-traffic, public walkway, so any type of electric pump will not work due to the theft and noise potential. The other issue is the 15 foot high walkway between my yard and the creek. The walkway is basically a man-made dyke, and it raises up about 15 feet from my yard at 45 degrees, and then drops about 20 feet down to the creek at about 35 degrees.

I'm not too concerned about water pressure, as there won't be any large sprinkler system. I was planning on a simple siphon to get the water started, but I guess the yard being higher than the creek will be a problem.

I have been looking for a cheap manual pump of some kind, and have found options like these:

, but I'm not sure if they will work for my needs. Will a cistern or barrel pump be able to be connected to a hose that ran up the bank and down to the creek? Would it have the power to pull water that far?

My last resort will likely be trying to find a medium siize, cheap water storage tank. Once a week I would run a hose from my washing machine hookup inside and fill the tank for the following week. I really hope it doesn't have to come to that though.

Thank you in advance to any who has some insight on this. I do not have a lot of experience with this kind of setup.

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