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david austin rose heritage 'ausblush - hardy to zone 5a??

samhain10 - 5a
9 years ago

First I should say that while I am an experienced gardener with 30+ years under my belt, I know next to nothing about roses. But since I've been coming to GW, I am leaning towards picking up another rose or two. Recently I was visiting another thread here on the Antique Roses forum: and Daisyincrete suggested I post a new thread asking you all. I do have one rose that's been with me for years, but I haven't a clue what it is - here's the pic.


So, may I have feedback please on the David Austin Heritage 'Ausblush' - is it hardy enough to take my zone 5a? And what special care does it require above and beyond the usual care one gives perennial plants and bushes? I'll add that it's possible my garden is protected enough to bump the zone up to 5b. I'm at the edge of a slope, and often, when there's a freeze in the area, rather than pooling in my garden, the cold air slides off down the hill.

Thanks in advance for any kind tips and comments.

- Alex

Here is a link that might be useful: Daisyincrete's thread

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