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Phal. Sogo Yudikian

Hi, i think my orchid is a Phal. Sogo Yudikian. it was a gift for someone and after a couple of month that i when to her house i found it in very bad condition so i took it and told her i will returned it to her ones it heal ... Lol... It she survive will be mine ... Another one in my collection ... So i remove the plant front the vase and i found all roots were rotten, i cut it and i remove the two old leave left and also removed all the moss they were very wet. I dessinfected the plant with soap and a little bit of clorox, then i repot it on a new medium for orchid the vase has lots of ventilation... Picture #4 in the back you can see a similar orchid that i got with this one, so this one should look like that one. What do you think? Will i be able to save her after all? Any other recommendation? ....thank you ;)

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