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Suggestions for experienced beginner? ( UK )

8 years ago

So last year I just doddled alone tried what I fancied... not all works..

So this year I want to try again.
So I have ordered my potatoe tubers

I am after suggestions on what you'd recommend
But things I will grow anyway are; sweetcorn (28 ears from 12 plants lastbyear)
Leek, pea, potatoes, cucumber (try) melons but ones breed for UK non of the hot house one like last year (mind you got a 5 inch one was bland but managed to grow it!) Radish carrot. Beetroot parsnips.

I tried brassica last year slugs and snails devoured them so any ideas (iw stocked up on netting but any other ideas?)

The area is in full fun from sun up til late evening. (In summer)
It's s sandy clay and drainage is adiquate. (Dahlias survived buried for protection in the same soil.)

Also I want to avoid buying modal trays again so I've been keeping loo roll cores.. (work in bakery ) kept unwanted pie foils and so on for seed trays. Hair nets for fleeces.

Thank uou.

And please I am in South West of UK inland

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