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Ferns did not survive ready to redesign small porch bed

8 years ago

I had planted two sets of 3 Holly Ferns and didn't realize they were only 10-20 degree plants (better said, I didn't know any better this past Spring. The landscaper I hired threw my Sasanqua Cleopatra in the small bed (end near my driveway) then planted four new soft touch hollies (is it more or do even numbers of shrubs like this just look out of place?) and then planted 3 holly ferns at the end (doorway end) of the porch bed and the other 3 straight across the other side of the doorway walk in the new large bed.

Since the Sasanqua will be too big, the hollies just don't look right to me and the ferns died, I will be changing things out this Spring. Encore azaleas straight ahead (autumn twist beside watnong japanese maple in the background, chiffon as well and purple pixie weeping lorapetalum wrapping around the sidewalk. Any suggestions on replacement of the ferns and small bed? This is north side of the house and as such, is a mostly shaded area. The ferns were very happy over summer btw.

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