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Layout for backyard near house - suggestions

9 years ago

We are wanting to improve on our backyard and create sort of a smaller yard near the house. We have 2 acres that the house sits on and 2 acres next door.

I'm wanting to have a diving pool that also would allow some recreational swimming that is about 38-40 ft long with a tanning shelf attached to the shallower end. We have a nice view of a pond across the property next to us. I'd like to screen the yellow house some and also to the road side.

I want covered seating for dining for at least 10 and also have some just sitting/lounging space under that cover. Also need a sink/trash/fridge area there. We have a movable grill that I'd want to put under there too but want to be able to move around to avoid getting smoke on people when grilling.

I've attached a general plan of the area. The stairs and gates can move and the lines with the squares (columns) signify where a retaining wall would go and the approximate height of it in areas. We want a fence to sit on top of this retaining wall as well and the squares are stone columns.

My thinking in arrangement is pool on the left side with covered patio close to the current porch or sitting right next to it. Would have to re-work the whole roof line there to tie it in so not sure we'd want to do that, but it would maximize the shade for us. We are in TX where it is hot and sunny so to be outside in the summer shade is a must and to not have to move chairs around too much.

Don't really know how we could arrange things though without blocking views from inside.

I'm thinking I don't want decking all around the pool. Just on the side near the house and the other side could be used with plants to screen view from road and the yellow house, but allow us to retain some view of the pond.

What are your thoughts? How would you arrange things and what shape pool would you use. Geometric/freeform?

How would you do the covered patio? The further from the house the larger it would be to provide maximum shade. Also what style roof would help with this. Would a hip roof if freestanding work{{gwi:807}} better than a gable. Our house is all gable though so would a hip look odd. I guess once I figure out where things should go and general flow I can start thinking about that stuff.

Here are pics:

General layout without patio/pool/sink etc. added. The right most patio doors is what would be closest to our inside kitchen. A square represents 1 sq ft.


Survey to see overall view and north

Pictures taken from standing at the middle{{gwi:807}} column at the existing covered porch







Around the corner on the right side of the house


Around the corner on the left side of the house and the road


View of house from playscape


TIA for your opinions/ideas.

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