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soil worm/caterpillar/bug - please help identify

19 years ago

Hello, can anyone give me some info on a worm/caterpillar I found in my garden lawn?

Basically, we were building a raised bed and while turning the soil (and also working in an existing flower bed), we came across numerous wormlike/caterpillarlike organisms that are roughly 30mm long by about 8mm wide. They reside in the soil (not above as far as we saw) and are plentiful in the soil. Our soil is very clay rich and moist. They are straight (not curved) with no visible legs. I believe I 've found a few in a stage of metamorphasis in which the outside turns reddish brown and is shiny and looks more like a bug. Since I haven't seen the full metamorphasis, I don't know if this is the same creature.

I don't know if these are pests or detrimental, but I would like to know as we've planted extensive vegetable plants around and I don't know if they will feed omn the roots.

Any help would be appreciated! Please e-mail back to


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