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Pollinating tomatoes with an electric toothbrush

14 years ago

Hi guys,

Since moving my tomato patch to a more protected area, they have loved not being blown around by the wind but are having some problems forming fruit (presumably from not being blown around as much). Many people online have had success with electric toothbrushes, so I got one and did a little bit of research on how to do it. From my understanding the pollen is captive inside and is released through little pores when vibrated to fertilise the ovaries. Problem is I'm unsure when and where to actually touch the flowers to undertake this.

Common sense tells me not to touch the tip of the anthers to avoid damaging the flower, so where do I touch the toothbrush? And when is the best time to actually pollinate them? Grosse Lisse is the variety in question right now, but my F1 Hybrids and Black Russians will be flowering shortly so any help will be greatly appreciated :)

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