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Weird fungus and black tiny bugs

19 years ago

Over the last few months one of our trees (we were told it was an ornamental appletree) has slowly been getting a white moss/mildew type fungus on it. When the tree was pulld out (it was only just 2m and had always had stunted growth) not only was the fungus on it near the trunk and lower part of tree but it had lots of little black bugs on there as well.

Today the rosemary plants on the other side of the driveway were pulled out and the first tree also had the fungus starting around the base as well.

Just wondering if it is possible to find out what this is and if we need to treat the soil with anything to stop future infection of new plants that will be put in.

Thanks for any help. I am located in Adelaide and this started during the very hot weather a few months ago (its been very dry and dusty in the area since).

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