Ivy leafed geranium/pelargonium

18 years ago

I'm hoping someone will be able to clear up a few queries I have.

About 4 months ago I bought several pelargoniums in plastic pots. I repotted them into terracotta pots using ordinary (not premium) potting mix. Two of the repotted plants have flowered again and neither is the original colour I purchased. Another, a pink one called Patricia (I think this goes by another name as well) seems to be the original colour but possibly slightly darker. One of the two whose colours changed is called Tom Boy, and it was a very dark burgundy colour. It turned more puce/red/dark pink. I planted some cuttings of Tom Boy in a premium potting mix. One cutting has since flowered with a darker, closer to the original colour flower.

The other plant (don't know it's name) was originally a fairly pure red but turned puce.

In addition I have about 8 pots of ivy geraniums in plastic hanging baskets which I purchased as punnets. The pale pink seem true to the picture but the ones that were supposed to be red are puce/dark pink. These 8 geraniums are also in ordinary potting mix - I thought they weren't fussy about the soil.

It's pretty obvious that the soil has influenced the change of colour. I know about soil influencing colours of hydrangeas - is it the same with geraniums?

Does anyone have any ideas about what I might need to add to the soil to change the flower colour? I don't really want to have to repot them all!

Another query - The leaves of one of my nice double pelargoniums gradually turned yellow and now I think the plant has died. This seems to be happening to another one now - any ideas? It's in ordinaary potting mix in a terracotta pot and gets regular watering but dries out in between.

Hope someone can help. Thanks.

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