Carphalea kirondron

16 years ago

Can anyone tell me preferred propagation methods for this species?

Being Rubiaceae, I would imagine it would do well from cuttings, but would aerial layers be better?

Apparently it is not easy to get hold of here in brisbane Australia, but I know someone who has a plant and it needs to be pruned about now, I would hate to waste potential propagation material.

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  • plantsplus
    16 years ago

    Hi, I propagated some from cuttings last year with no problems - just used hormone powder, and seed raising mix in individual tubes. Unfortunately my parent was lost to the drought so am glad I did. Remember that for cuttings to have a reasonable chance of success they need to come from a vigorous young plant - they are more difficult from older or stressed plants. Robyn

  • sammy1_2007
    14 years ago

    Hello! I have been looking for this plant for a long time & was told to google it. So here I am.
    I just read that some of you know about this plant so could I be so bold as to ask if you have any or know where I could get this plant. We used to have a farm in Bundaberg & I had one there,but since moving to Brisbane there seems that there is none to be found. I have tried many avenues even phoning a radio station but am told it is hard to get.(that I know)I have tried many Nursery's to no avail.
    Hope you can help me.

  • Liatris
    14 years ago

    Hi Carol. I discovered a couple of years ago that it is near-on impossible to get it retail, ANYWHERE! There was someone selling it here at the Bundaberg markets last year though.

  • vincentboo
    13 years ago

    I have some small plants of Carphalea Kirondron. It is around 10cm. Any people have interest to order in bulk quantity may contact me at
    The plant is located at Malaysia. Thank you.

  • solo78
    12 years ago

    Hi Carol,

    Try the markets around Brisbane. I often see the occasional Carphalea there, and at good prices! More common in markets than in nurseries. Also, try Palms for Brisbane in Bulimba. They are able to get a lot of special things if you ask them.

    Hope that helps.

  • PRO
    Oxley Nursery
    5 years ago

    We have some in stock at the moment. Interesting the growers all comment on how
    difficult it is to propagate. It cost us around double what we'd normally pay in 200mm pots.

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