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What gets you excited about gardening?

17 years ago

Gardening is a great activity- but there are so many different facets... planning, purchase, buying, dreaming, maintaining, picking vegetables, enjoying the blooms.... I can go on and on. Which is your favorite? What keeps you going? Trials and defeats? What keeps you energized and motivated?

Ever since I was a kid playing with blocks & slot cars, I loved the creative process of building and designing. I would play for hours creating my town, village, transport systems and so on. Stories about the people that lived there. Imagination is just never ending.

Now I have evolved to gardening. I have a very naked somewhat large empty lot. It cries out for trees and shurbs, flowers and birds, the sound of trickleing (sp?) water. In my mind it is full and beautiful. In actuality, it is nearly empty dirt and questionable lawn. I carefully consider the shape of the beds with the interaction of the yard. How will I use this? What will I see from the deck or patio? What are my destinations? What path material will you walk on? Then.. as my head is filled with sugarplums,... I check the wallet and time, and come back to earth. (sigh...) I have learned to work with what I have and what I can "acquire". My neighbor just dumped 4 wheel barrows of top soil removed for his new patio. My folks bring me back interesting rock from their snowbird trips. Iris and hosta from moms house. My new project has been starting seeds in milk jug terrariums (peas are awsome! they just wont disappoint you.) I love to watch things grow. I enjoy the vegetables from the garden and have vowed once again to find homes for all of them. One day,.. one day... I will have it all!!! (delirious laugh)

What gets you going?


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