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New home with large yard on Long Island

10 years ago


I am new to the forum, as well as new to being a homeowner - I am just about 30 days away from closing on my first house on the south shore of LI, Nassau County. Please note, when I say "large" yard, I mean large for Nassau's south shore - the property is about 60x200 sq.

While I have had small vegetable/herb gardens (approx 10x10) and have grown veggies in pots in the past, I am looking forward to having a large vegetable garden and designing/landscaping my backyard to include gardens that will look great all year with stone paths and areas for entertaining and all that good stuff. I work full time and being a first time homeowner I assume I will be broke, so I am looking forward to DIY projects in the yard in the coming months.

While researching and looking for ideas I came across this forum and figured maybe you guys could lend a little insight on the subject.

What type of plants/shrubs/trees would you recommend for a beginner? What have any of you LI'ers had the best luck with? Any tips or things I should consider that maybe I hadn't thought of? Any suggestions on books/blogs to read?

Seriously, any and all info on any of the subjects I mentioned is much appreciated.


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