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I really need camera advice!!!!!!!

16 years ago

I am very sorry if I ruffled anyones feathers on my comments below about the deer, but I do have some knowledge of this.

Anyway, I need a camera to do the following:

About cameras I know very little, except "JPB" (Just push the button).

I want to be able to take macro closeups and zoom pictures of flowers, roses, bugs and wildlife like deer, turkeys (not the 2 leged kind), and small animals like martin, mink, rabbit, birds, whatever!! I don't actually need the "JPB" but the closer to this the better.

I have been looking at the Kodak P712, Z710, etc,. and the Canon whatevers, but it has become overwhelming and I need help!!!!!!

I would like to keep this in the $300.00 area if possible.

What do the experts suggest????


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