Cutting Foam Board

8 years ago

Asked by brant(Debbie) on Thu, Oct 21, 04 at 14:40

How is the best way to cut foam board. I need to make a display board so I am wanting to glue pictures on foam board and use velcro.

Answered by: Red_Confetti on Fri, Oct 22, 04 at 0:00

Here's one way to do it, according to HGTV...

Foam core board is a wonderful and useful product to use in crafting, but it is sometimes difficult to cut. It's extremely important to use a sharp blade because once it's dull, it will only snag and "chew up" the foam. Utility knives with breakaway blades are ideal because the dull blade may be snapped off and a new one is ready to finish the job.

A common mistake among beginners is to cut straight through the foam core board with the first cut or to use a "sawing" motion. These techniques can prove disastrous. The following step-by-step procedure, is an easy and foolproof way to produce smooth, even cuts in any piece of foam core.


1. Inspect the foam core board from the side. It has three layers: one of card stock, one of foam, and another layer of card stock.

2. Cut through the first layer of card stock only, using a ruler if you're cutting a straight line.

3. For the second pass, cut the layer of foam only.

4. On the final pass, cut the card stock on the back. Once you have cut through the three layers, there should be a clean edge with no jagged foam in the center. When cutting on a curve, the same method applies.

Answered by: Minnie_TX on Sun, Oct 24, 04 at 8:02

I have a special foam cutter that I got a few years ago. You can adjust the depth of the cut. It came out when making those punched in quilts using the foam board as the backing was all the rage.


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