Pricing Crafts to Sell

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8 years ago

Nonnie_GA, My question is:

What amount of money does the average craft shopper pay at festivals, fairs, etc? I don't want to overcharge but I do want to make enough to pay for the labor.

Kathy_in_Delaware says: Perhaps if you do a search for similar items on the net, you could get an idea of a price range. I struggle with pricing myself. Its so hard for me to figure out what my invested time is worth.

Laura (wnlbutterfly) says: Go to as many craft shows as you can and check out what they are selling similar items for. You can judge if you can price higher or know if they have quality items that match yours.
Everyone prices will be different. I make a lot of small stuff, that isn't as time consuming as your projects. Therefore, a lot of my stuff is $1.00, the average being $3, and I don't have much over $10.
Twenty years of selling crafts and I still don't have a good answer to this question!