Dishwasher airgaps ?


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This FAQ entry reserves the URL of the "future and final" Appliances Forum FAQ article on dishwasher airgaps.

There has been a very long-running discussion of the subject in the Appliances, Kitchens, and Plumbing Forums, and useful information continues to be added to the collective total as Forum participants post specific product reviews, Code issues and analysis, and design/installation experiences.

At the moment, the central repository of airgap data is located in the main Forum, within the "Dishwasher airgap FAQ" thread: this contains numerous links, product and Code references, and an illustration of the typical DW airgap configuration.

To view this discussion, go to the Appliances Forum (by clicking on the "Forum" link below), then do a search on "airgap FAQ", then click on the "Dishwasher airgap FAQ" thread. (Apologies for software limitations which preclude linking to the thread directly from within this article.) And of course, if anyone has further ideas on the subject they would like to see incorporated in the final FAQ write-up, do please post a follow-up in that thread!

As soon as "all" information on the topic (a subjective determination, to be sure!) has been covered in the main Forum thread, this temporary FAQ file will be replaced with the knowledge contained therein.

Please bookmark the URL of this article for handy future reference, as it will be a consistent location to read about the intricacies of DW airgaps, at least for as long as THS remains on the Web!

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this ongoing discussion, and a very special thanks to Helene (GW Member Page: Fairegold) for initiating the specific FAQ proposal.


[Temporary 'URL placeholder' (*) FAQ file - updates pending]

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[UPDATE: 11 August 2005]

The image below illustrates the plumbing connections used for a specialized type of dishwasher airgap, i.e. one that is mounted on the exterior of the house.

Installed in Forum Member Jamesk's residence, the airgap is the piping to the right. The vent through the exterior wall protrudes from the PVC connection, just below the transition between the copper and PVC pipes. The copper line connects to the dishwasher drain hose down near the floor.

[UPDATE NOTE: Images of conventional sink-mounted airgaps and their plumbing connections will be added here shortly.]


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[last edited: 11 August 2005] Image by: GW Forum Member: Jamesk
Exterior airgap plumbing