Common Flower Garden Perennials for Winter Sowing, zones included


Here's a list of common garden perennials, I've listed the plants by common names with their zone ranges included. The zone ranges are "suggested", many of these plants will be hardier beyond the zone listing.

As always, you can do a bit of research on the seeds you want to try germinating with Winter Sowing to learn more about the plant and see if it will be happy in your own garden. If you're unsure as to any seed's ability to germinate via Winter Sowing where you are then do hold some seeds back to sow indoors, later on in the season compare the differences between your Winter Sown plants and indoor-started plants. Learn from your experiences and use your knowledge to grow a better and better garden each year.

Aster 4-9

Artemesia 3-8

Astilbe 4-8

Baby's Breath 4-9

Balloon Flower 4-9

Bee Balm 4-9

Bellflower 3-8

Blanket Flower 3-10

Blue-Eyed Grass 5-8

Blue Fescue 4-9

Blackberry Lily 5-9

Blazing Star 4-9

Blue Beard 7-10

Butterfly Weed 3-9

Broom 6-9

Cactus (varies by species, zones 3-10 included)

Canterbury Bells (b) 3-8

Carnation 4-8

Catmint 5-9

Candytuft 3-8

Cinquefoil 5-8

Chinese Lanterns 5-8

Chrysanthemum 5-10

Clematis 5-9

Coral Bells 3-9

Coreopsis 4-10

Coneflower 3-8

Cranesbill 5-8

Creeping Thyme 4-9

Cupid's Dart 5-10

Daylily 4-10

Delphinium 3-7

English Daisy 4-8

Evening Primrose 5-8

Everlasting Sweet Pea 5-9

False Indigo 3-9

Flax 5-9

Foxglove (b 4-8) (p 3-8)

Fleabane 6-9

Fountain Grass 6-9

Gaura 5-8

German Statice 3-9

Geum 5-7

Globe Thistle 3-8

Goat's Beard 3-7

Heather 5-8

Helenium 4-8

Iceplant 6-10

Hardy Hibiscus 5-10

Helleborus 3-8

Hollyhock 3-9

Hosta 3-9

Iris 4-9

Jack-in-the-Pulpit 5-9

Jupiter's Beard 5-8

Joe-Pye Weed 5-8

Lamb's Ears 4-8

Leadwort 7-10

Lily-of-the-Nile 6-10

Lily-of-the-Valley 3-8

Lily (Oriental varieties) 4-8

Lupine 4-8

Malva 4-8

Meadowsweet 3-8

Money Plant (b) 5-9

Mountain Bluet 3-8

Obediant Plant 4-8

Ox-Eye Daisy 3-8

Pampas Grass 7-10

Pasque Flower 5-7

Penstemon 3-8

Persian Buttercup 7-10

Peruvian Lily 7-10

Phlox 4-8

Pigsqueak 3-8

Pincushion Flower 3-8

Pinks 3-9

Plumbago 5-9

Poppy 4-9

Prairie Coneflower 3-10

Prairie Sunflower 4-10

Primrose 5-8

Pyrethrum 3-7

Red Hot Poker 6-10

Rudbeckia 3-9

Rose Campion 4-8

Russian Sage 3-9

Salvia (varies by species 4-9)

Sea Holly 5-9

Sedum (varies by species 3-9)

Shasta Daisy 5-9

Sea Pink 6-8

Snow-in-the-Summer 3-7

Spurge 4-9

Sundrops 4-8

Toad Lily 4-9

Verbena 6-10

Veronica 3-10

Viola 4-7

Yarrow 3-10

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