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What is Tropicalesque Gardening?

10 years ago

Have you ever been to a jungle? Seen pictures of a jungle? Drooled over the plants in movies such as South Pacific and TV shows such as Magnum PI and Hawaii 5-0? These are tropical gardens and tropical plants. Tropicalesque gardening is creating a garden such as this in your colder zone climate.
Generally the plants which you have in a T.G. will not overwinter in your zone, however, there are hardy plants which look tropical that will.
This forum and these types of gardens are dedicated to achieving the tropical "look" no matter what zone you are in.
Very basic inclusions in a T.G. would be plants with big green leaves such as bananas, palms and bamboos. Rodgersia and ferns are hardy perennials and also look tropical. Round these out with some "hot" coloured bloomers and hot coloured leaves such as hardy hibiscus, bouganvillea, cannas, fuchsias,begonias, coleus, phormiums and caladiums and some scented plants like daturas, brugmansias, jasmine and species nicotiana, and throw in some tropical bulbs and tubers, and you have a tropicalesque garden.
This is a beginning step - now that you are hooked, its time to push the zonal limits, mulch and perhaps build a greenhouse!