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Common Evening Primrose ~ Oenothera biennis

11 years ago

{{gwi:2110395}}Image by: wintersown
Stem with pods and seeds
Evening Primrose is a tall biennial wildflower with butter-yellow blossoms which open at dusk and perfume the air with their scent.

Seed collection is easy. Allow the seed pods to dry to a papery brown, they will open with a star shape at their exterior end. Clip six inch lengths of dried stem with pods attached and place them upside-down in a paper bag. Allow the stems to dry for a few days. Tightly fold up the open end of the bag and give it a good shake. The seeds will be shaken from the pods. Remove the stems and pour the seeds out onto a pie plate. Gently puff away the chaff. Seeds are brown and very small, about the size of a flea.