Foxtail Millet ~ Setaria italica

8 years ago

{{gwi:2110364}}Image by: wintersown

Annual Millets are becoming popular ornamental grass features in home gardens. They are easy to grow from seed providing forage for wildlife. Their immature seed heads can be used in dried flower arrangements. To do so you need to cut the stems at the base while the seed heads are still green and the seeds tightly held in the cluster. Hang a cluster of stems upside-down in a warm room away from direct light until dry. Then trim the stems to vase length. Easy.

To save seeds cut the mature seed cluster from the stem....the mature seeds will be swollen and release easily from the cluster by simple rubbing. They are very small, roundish with pointed ends and light wheat color. Allow the seed head to dry for a few days to facilitate easy removal of the seeds. Once the seeds are released from the stem allow them to dry for a few more days before packing.