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If I Plant A Habanero Next To My Banana Pepper Will I Get A Hot Banan

11 years ago

No. You will not immediately get a hot banana pepper or a mild habanero. You don't get results like that from the first generation of fruit. Here's why:

Cross pollination only affects the seeds inside the banana pepper or the habanero that have been "crossed", meaning you wouldn't see the results until you saved those seeds for next year's crop.

This is also called "Hybridizing".
Hybridizing with different species of peppers can be relatively easy, or extremely difficult - depending on the species.

The chart below shows you how different capsicum species can cross with one another. NOTE: c. pubescens will not cross with a different species. It has been reported that C. pubescens are not self-pollinating. However, JohnT and a few others have sucessfully selfed the Rocoto.

C. annum C. baccutum C. chinese C. frutescen C. pubescen C. annum Prolific Sporadic Prolific Sporadic Not At All C. baccutum Sporadic Prolific Sporadic Sporadic Not At All C. chinese Prolific Sporadic Prolific Sporadic Not At All C. frutescen Sporadic Sporadic Sporadic Prolific Not At All C. pubescen Not At All Not At All Not At All Not At All Prolific


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