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Fragrant orchids

10 years ago


MrBreeze compiled this from several notes he kept on some posts. RisingPower1 graciously cleaned it up and put it into proper formating. Should you have any additions, please let me know. Thanks. Michigoose.

papillosa Very Strong - Hyacinth
praemorsa Strong
rigida Faint

bicolor Strong - Sweet/Candy
colmani Strong - Anise
javanicum Strong
sylhetense Very Strong

caudatus Moderate - Decay

keiliana Moderate

citrata Lemon scent
distincta A powerful spicy scent, night, so strong that it may sear the nasal passages if one gets up close with the flower
fastuosa Moderate - Day - Medicinal
modesta Very Strong - Minty spice
mystacidii Moderate - Lilly of the Valley
mystacidii Moderate - Unpleasant
platyphyllia Ylang-Ylang Perfume
pumilio Faint
punctata Faint
stylosa Evening - Spice
verdickii Strong - Sweet

fieldingii Strong
flabellata Strong
houlletianum Very Strong
illustre Strong
lawrencieae Strong - Lemon/Spice
lindleyanum Moderate - Sweet
mitrata Moderate - Sweet
odorata Strong, very fresh citrus flower smell
quinquevulnerum Strong - Cinnamon
roebelinii Strong

philippinense Said not to be but A. monticola is

birrimense Strong - Orange Blossom
eburneum Is very fragrant after the lights go out
eichlerianum With a citrus scent at night
florulentum Strong
leonis Strong - Night
longicalcar Strong - Spice
magdalenae Smells strongly of gardenia, more strongly at night
scottianum Has a nice evening fragrance, fresh, with some spice.
sesquipedale The fresh-floral scent develops over 3-4 nights
sesquipedale Strong
superbum Moderate - Night
vetchii Moderate - Day - Spice

clowesii Strong - Medicinal
ruckeri Strong
uniflora Strong - Oil of wintergreen

africana Strong in Strong Light

breviscapa Moderate - Macaroons/Almonds
calcarata Moderate - Anise
flos-aeris Strong - Musk

curvifolium Faint

Emily fragrant

John De Biase 'Fuch's Indigo' FCC/AOS x V tessellata 'Mary Motes' FCC/AOS fragrant

epidendroides Is very fragrant with a small number of blooms, described as strong, spicy

echinata Moderate - Watermelon

naevosa Moderate - Day - Musk

metlesiciana Moderate - Day - Iris
robertiana Moderate - Day - Iris

colleyi Moderate - Day - Unpleasant

atropurpurea Moderate - Sweet
harrisoniae Strong - Day - Floral - Exotic
letragoia Strong
tetagona Strong - Musty

cordata Strong - Evening
cucullata Strong - Evening Intense - laundry detergent with lemon-crisp and sharply clean
flagellens Moderate - Night
little stars Citrusy also as really sweet root beer late at night
nodosa Cineole medicinal, also sweet odour, or Gardenia, scent changes over time Moderate - Night
perrinii Strong - Evening
tuberculata Faint - Vanilla

allenii Moderate, Honey
forgetiana Moderate
longissima Moderate, Musty
Mem. Fritz Boedeker 'WitchDoctor' Fragrant
Rex Sweet
warscewiczii Strong

Wild Warrior "Chieftan" Very fragrant during the day, sometimes too intense, floral and fresh

Empress Worsley 'Roman Holiday' Nice flower with a pineapple scent
Greenwich Strong floral scent(one flower fills a room) similar to phalaenopsis bellina
Goldenzelle "Lemon Chiffon" Is almost overpowering
Hauserman's Sultan Smells of fresh ground clove

baileyi Moderate - Fruity
beccarii Moderate - Decay/Rotting Meat
careyanum Very ripe fruit (not unpleasant)
cupreum Rotten salmon
curtisii Like an indoor swimming pool(chlorine)
echinolabium Partially decomposed rat
fascinator Garbage dump
fletcheriana Moderate - Cooked Cabbage
leysianum Unwashed armpit the day after a hard day at the gym on a hot day
macranthum Cucumber and clove. An enchanting, beautiful and fascinating fragrance
medusae Moderate - Musky
phaleonopsis Week old in the sun dead wildlife moderate - Rotting Meat
pictuatum Strong - Day - Watermelon
rothschildianum Moderate, Foul Old mushrooms
spiesii Cat urine/dead fish

taylorii Moderate - Day -Vanilla

carnea Strong - Musky

kawakamii Strong - Lemon
stricta Moderate - Orange Peel

bicornutum Mixture of fruit and candies

bulbosa Vanilla

bungerothii Strong
candida Methyl salicilate (wintergreen)
ciliatum Moderate - Rye bread
collare Methyl salicilate (wintergreen)
discolor d-carvone(rye bread)
expansum Turpentine in the morning, rye bread in the afternoon
fimbriatum Moderate - Spice
garnettianum Strong
gnomus Methyl salicylate (wintergreen)
macrocarpum Strong - Mint(wintergreen)
oerstedii Strong
planiceps Moderate - Spice
roseum Methyl cinnimate (cinnamon)
sanguineum Turpentine and garbage
tenebrosum Warm resinous fragrance with a sharp citrus note - Moderate - Spice/Citrus

aclandiae Faint - Spicy
amethystoglossa Moderate - Spicy
aurea Moderate - Lemon
Bahinia Morning - Faint candy like smell bicolor Faint
deckorii (I have var. 'Brecht' light, citrussy, scent in the morning. Fairly strong. Michigoose)
delossiana Strong
guttata Strong - Day - Sweet
loddigesii Benzyl acetate (jasmine)
luteola Very rich, strong floral
Melinda Rose Weber 'Douglas' Strong perfume-sweet fragrance between 2 and 5 in the afternoon
Netrasiri Beauty Fragrant
percivaliana Moderate - Musky
triavaci Moderate - Day - Cinnamon
velutina Strong
warscewiczii Benzyl acetate (jasmine)

hildebrandtii Smell similar to what I canonly describe as "barn"
hariotiana Smell similar to what I can only describe as "barn"

makoyanum Moderate - Musty
medusae Strong - Musty

rosea Vicks Vapo rub in the morning and cinnamon in the afternoon

amazonica (so I've heard, but I never detected it my plant)

triptera Moderate - Lily of the Valley

viride Faint

corymbosa Moderate - Spice
cristata Moderate - Spice/Hyacinth
densiflora Moderate - Musk
fimbriata Moderate - Musk
flaccida Strong - Unpleasant - Musk
huetneriana Moderate - Musk
lamellata Strong
lentiginosa Strong
massangeana Faint
mooreana Faint
mossiae Strong - Day - Floral
nitida Strong - Lilac/Hay
speciosa Moderate - Musk
sulphurea Faint
testacea Faint
tomentosa Moderate - Musk
trinervis Strong

Wildcat 'Doris' Has a faint sweet-perfume

pendula Strong

chlorochilon Benzyl acetate (jasmine)Penetrating jasmine fragrance It can easily be noticed from thirty feet away, and is an unusual, fruity/antiseptic odor
chlorochilon x herrenhusanum Similar smell to chlorochilon, not as strong
cucullata Moderate - Honey
pentadactylon Moderate - Chocolate
ventricosum Benzylacetate (jasmine) Strong - Ripe Bananas

Wine Delight 'Jem' FCC/AOS Musky cherry kool aid
Wine Delight Jem FCC/AOS Is almost overpowering with it's grapey perfume. Starts somewhere around pickled housefly legs, transits through French whorehouse perfume, and finally manages a nice spicy, grapey fragrance

albuciflorum Faint
atropurpureum Moderate - Coconut oil
canaliculatum Moderate - Sweet
cochleare Strong
ensifolium Strong
goeringii Moderate - Floral
kanran Moderate - Lemon Peel
mastersii Moderate - Almonds
rubrigemum Moderate - Honey
sinense Faint - Afternoon - Raspberry/Rose
syave Moderate - Sweet
tracyanum Strong - Peach
variciferum Moderate - Lemon Peel
virescens Moderate - Vanilla

acaule Faint - Day - Watermelon
calceolus Strong - Day - Musk
candidum Faint - Day
himalaicum Strong - Day - Watermelon
montanum Moderate - Day - Sweet
parviflorum Moderate - Day - Musty/Rose
pubescens Moderate - Day - Sweet/Rose

arcuata Is sweetly scented at night

Winter Wonderland 'White Fairy' Fragrant
Starsand Bars Smells like ground pepper
Tahoma Glacier Smells likeground pepper

adae Strong - Day - Sweet
aemulum Strong
agregatum Strong - Day - Sweet/Honey
album Faint
amabile Smells like orange scented soap(pink form)
amoenum Moderate - Violets
anceps Faint
anosmum Perfumes the air with a scent of raspberries
anosmum Strong - Raspberries/Rhubarb
Banana Royale Like bananas what else? Sweet honey touch of banana, it filled the room
beckleri Moderate - Cinnamon
brymerianum Strong
canaliculatum Strong
candidum Faint
cruentum Faint Ivory soap
crystallinum Strong
delicatum Moderate - Day - Spicy
discolor Moderate - Honey
draconis Strong -Tangerine
Emma White Very subtle, delicate floral scent, fresh and light
engae Strong - Sweet
falcorostrum Moderate - Orange Blossom The fragrance was the sweetest I've ever had the pleasure of smelling, a combination of jasmine and orange blossoms
finisterrae Faint
fleckeri Strong - Spice/Musk
forbesii Moderate - Honey
formosum Strong
friedericksonianum Strong
fuscatum Strong
fusiforme Moderate - Sweet
harveyanum Moderate - Honey
johannis Strong
kingianum Moderate - Spicy On the floral side, very potent
leonis Strong - Vanilla
loddigesii Moderate - Honey
magnum Strong Afternoon - Honey/Wheat
monophyllum Strong - Lily of the Valley
moorei Moderate - Lemon
moschatum Moderate - Musk
musciferum Moderate - Sweet/Vanilla
papilio Moderate - Hawthorn
parishii Moderate - Raspberry/Rhubarb
primulinum Strong - Cowslip
ruppianum Strong
scabrilingue Strong - Jasmine
Sea Mary 'Snow King' Flower-y (maybe roses?)
senile Moderate - Lemon
speciosum Strong - Day - Spicy/Fruit
spectabile Faint
striolatum Moderate - Honey
superbum Strong - Grapes
tetrogonum Moderate - Vanilla
transparens Strong
trigonopis Faint
unicum Faint - Day - Orange Soda
Williamsonii Moderate - Sweet
WonderNishi Nice
Yellow Magic 'Festival' Citrus-y

arachnites Moderate - Day - Cinnamon
aurantiacum Strong - Day
bicallosum Moderate - Day - Musty/Sweet
cobbianum Strong - Day - Spicy/Citrus
filiforme Moderate - Day
formosanum Moderate - Day
glumaceum Strong - Day - Sweet/Citrus
gracile Moderate - Day
latifolium Moderate - Day
longifolium Moderate - Day
magnum Moderate - Day - Spice Filled the room with a not unpleasant smell of cut hay

funalis Moderate - Unpleasant

fragrantissima Is very fragrant, another example was described as faint
pellucida Moderate - Sour/Spicy
rutila Strong

cooperi Cloves
crassicornis Strong

alba Strong
palustris Faint - Spice

bella Faint
chestertonii Faint - Fungus Mushroom-like scent
polyphemus Interesting scent

glyptodon Moderate - Foetid

eburnea Strong

edwallii Strong - Anise

nutile Moderate - Vanilla

Earth Star Very mild

albo-purpureum Moderate, Vanilla
alboxanthine Strong
alta Moderate, Sweet
atropurpurea Strong - Day - Sweet - Floral
brassavolae Faint - Sweet Smells like lemon pledge for the first hour or so a new bloom is open
capartianum Moderate, Sweet
chimborazoensis Faint - Medicinal
chondylobulbon Strong - Marzipan/Spice
citrina Moderate - Anise
confusa Faint
cordigera Strong - Day - Floral/Spice or rose-like fragrance also as the spicy scent of cinnamon
falcata Moderate - Sweet/Vanilla
fausta Moderate-Sweet/Astringent
flabelifera Strong - Day
fowliei Moderate - Tea
fragrans Strong - Day - Vanilla/Wood or Honey and vanilla in the mornings at the very beginning, disinfectant wafer in bottom of urinal" to "wintergreen lifesaver" to now... warm Gingerbread
gallopavina Moderate - Tea
lancifolia Has got to be the strongest smelling and most pleasant under my conditions, fragrance similar to baby powder and vanilla
lancifolia Has a spicy fragrance Moderate - Spice
mariae Faint
microbulbon Faint
odoratissime Strong - Spice
oncidioides Strong
osmantha Strong
patens Strong - Spice
phoenicea Moderate - Milk Chocolate That smells like chocolate - much better than Sharry Baby
plicata Moderate - Chocolate
radiata Strong - Spice Very strong but appealing Spicy floral fragrance. Slightly unpleasant at end also as a powerful licorice scent. Like the Aerangis, it can be too much if too close, but it fills an area and does it in winter when it's most appreciated. Plus, it's strongest during the day, so it's a good companion for the Aerangis

randii Faint- Chocolate
stellata Moderate - Honey
subulatifolia Strong
tampenses A strangely pleasant, musky sort of scent
triflorum Moderate - Lemon also Moderate - Day - Vanilla Cream also
tripunctata Miniature, and highly fragrant A nifty mini with an anise (black licorice) fragrance
vespa Moderate - Vanilla
widgrenii Strong

agathosmum Moderate - Sweet
alatum Moderate - Spice
ancepts Strong, Dried hay or grass also Moderate - Anise
canopseum Strong
chimborazoensis Ranges from wintergreen lifesavers to just sweet smelling
ciliare Moderate - Day - Sour
difforme Moderate - Medicinal
diffusum Strong
diotum Moderate - Elder Leaves
falcatum Jasmine in the morning to that of Easter lilies or narcissi in the afternoon Moderate -
fragrans Strong
fucatum Faint
heterodorum Faint - Sweet
huebneri Moderate - Evening Lily
ilense Moderate - Pumpkin
ionosmum Moderate - Violets
mirabella Moderate - Lemon
nocturnum Moderate - Night, Menthol
odoratissimum Strong - Sweet
parkinsonianum Strong - Night
plicatum Strong - Chocolate
polyanthum Moderate - Tea/Cowslip
purum Moderate - Sweet
stamfordianum Moderate - Violets
variegatum Moderate - Sweet
wallisii Moderate - Honey/Musk

merrellii Faint
myristicaeformis Moderate - Sweet
pannea Moderate - Vanilla
vittata Moderate - Sweet/Pungent
hyacinthoids-day/faint/gross cant describe very unpleasent

echinata Moderate - Grass

rothschildiana Moderate - Sweet

harveyana Moderate - Sweet/Soap

fimbriata Moderate - Watermelon

hyacinthoides Smells like something nasty has died underneath thestaging
multiflora Stale damp basement

calceolaris Faint

sessamoides Moderate - Cinnamon

firmbriatum Moderate - Day (stronger when warm) - Lemon

crispa Moderate - Primrose

armeniaca Strong - Apricot
chocoensis Chocolate/vanilla
galeata A strong spiced orange scent
maculata Moderate - Chocolate/Spice
quinquenervis Eugenol(cloves) or Linalool (lily-of-the-valley)
quinquenervis Methyl cinnimate (cinnamon)
similis Filled my house with a cinnamon &clove aroma
tricolor Strong - Spice

atrorubens Moderate - Vanilla

conopsea Moderate - Spice
odoratissima Strong - Vanilla

erichmichaelii (aka Hab rhodocheila v pink) Has a fragrance not unlike some types of hand lotion
fimbriata Moderate - Lavender
odontopetalata Have very powerful sweet night fragrances
repens Have very powerful sweet night fragrances also Moderate - Night

retrocalla Moderate - Day - Sharp Mint
odorata/retrocalla Sweet lemony scent

monorchis Moderate - Honey

Houlettia species
Are all fragrant and smell very nice, a nice floral smell

Horichia species
Are also fragrant and very cool

Huntleya species
burtii Smell nice

satyrioides Moderate - Lemon/Citron

Appleblossom Smells, not surprisingly, like apple blossoms also described as Gorgeous floral smell

augustifolia Gardenia
comorensis Fragrant
confusa Daytime fragrant, delightful fresh and spicy, better than J.comorensis
filicornoids Moderate - Day - Violets
gracilipes Moderate - Sweet
major Moderate - Night
rigida Strong

albida Moderate - Primrose
anceps 'Irwins' Smells like a stale sponge
gouldiana Faint - Spice
primaveralis Moderate - Musk
pumila Moderate - Day - Sour/Unpleasant
purpurata Licorice also described as spicy.
rubescens Moderate - Day - (stronger when warm) - Wintergreen

bicolor Fragrant
unicolor Moderate - Sweet/Vanilla Light nice fragrance

reflexa Moderate - Sour/Unpleasant Smells kind of like cat urine

megasepala Moderate - Sour/Unpleasant

aromatica Strong - Day - Cinnamon, or sugary like juicy fruitgum
aromatica Spicy scented
barringtoniae Moderate - Lemon
brevispatha Moderate - Fresh Apples
ciliata Moderate - Night - Fresh Apples
cinnabarina - Moderate - Night
cruenta Strong - Cinnamon or a less spicy, more floral fragrance
deppei Faint - Peppermint
lanipes Strong
leucantha Moderate - Rich/Savory
locusta Moderate - Apples Has the coloring and scent of a granny-smith apple
longiscapa Moderate - Soap
powellii Strong
skinneri Faint
suaveolens Moderate - Cinnamon
xytriophora Faint

forrestii Strong
saveolens Strong - Musk

angulata Faint - Day - Sour/Unpleasant (angulifera-day/faint/grapes and solvent.)

caesia Moderate - Day - Fresh Urine
civilis Moderate - Day - Sour/Unpleasant
estradae Moderate - Citrus
falcago Moderate - Lemon
foetens Moderate - Sour/Unpleasant
gheisbreghtiana Strong
glandulosa Smells deliciously of sweet cloves also desbribed as moderate - Day - Sweet Tarts
guayanensis Moderate - Sweet
mejiana Moderate - Day - Spice
polysticta Strong
serna-all the time/variable fish or latex unpleasent
tovarensis Moderate - Sweet
triangularis Repugnant smell may leave the tongue/nose with numb sensation

densa Moderate - Day - Spice
desvauxiana Moderate - Watermelon
friedrichsthallii Moderate - Rancid Urine
haematoglossum Faint
hedwigi Faint - Egg Whites
inaudita Faint
luteo-alba Moderate - Sweet
maleolens Moderate - Coconut/Moth Balls
ochroleuca Apricots
picta Strong - Sweet
ringens Moderate - Sweet
rufenscens Moderate - Vanilla
sanderiana Moderate - Sweet
seymouriana Moderate - Lemon
striata Has an appealing sweet smell
tenuifolia Strong - Day - Coconut also as Suntan oil, coconut fragrance, coconuts and vanilla
valenzuelana Moderate - Spice

gemma Moderate - Cinnamon
trinasutum Moderate - Day - Cinnamon
wendlandii Another very nice mini with a cinnamon fragrance

Miltonia Hybrids
Miltdm. Pupukea Sunset 'Hawaii' Fragrant
Miltdm. Bartley Schwartz 'Highland' Fragrant bouquet of wildflowers
Miltdm. Hawaiian Sunset Smells to me like moldy socks
Miltdm. Issaku Nagata 'RL. Hammer' Mild, pleasant vanilla
Miltassia CM Fitch 'Isumi' Peppery, slightly sweet scent. Fill a room at night. Slightly less in the day
Milt Hurricane Ridge 'Sylvia' Smells spicy and citrus like
Milt Bert Field 'Eileen' Pretty stinky...rotting fruit smell
Miltassia Darkstar 'Darth Vader' Peppery
Miltassia Royal Robe 'Jerry's Pick' HCC/AOS Cherry jello
Miltassia Webmaster 'Shelob' Nice floral Miltonia bluntii Moderate
Miltonia flavexcens Moderate - Day - Grassy
Miltonia warscewiczii Fragrant
Miltoniopsis phalaenopsis Moderate - Day - Floral
Miltoniopsis vexillaria Faint - Day
Miltoniopsis warscewiczii Moderate - Day - Floral

aromatica Moderate - Vinegar
buccinator Moderate - Spice
calceolatum Faint - Spice
maculata Strong
ocanae Strong
sinuata Moderate - Sharp - Spice
tuxtlensis Moderate - Jasmine
unica Moderate - Savory

braybonae Faint
capense Strong, musky smell after dark
gracile Moderate - Night
tanganyikense Faint
venosum Strong, musky smell after dark

falcata Strong - Night - Vanilla Ice Cream also as strong vanilla candy sort of vanilla, jasmine, and pina colada Yum
richardianum Strong - Night-- Vanilla Ice Cream

Lou Sneary Wonderful compelling fragrance

chinensis Moderate - Musk/Cocoa
pectinata Moderate - Camphor

nigra Moderate - Vanilla

barkeri Faint
pentachne Faint

oxychila Faint

Kenneth Biven Santa Barbara Pleasantly fragrant during the afternoon hours

Debutante 'P & P' Sweet and yummy

constrictum Moderate - Hawthorn
crispum Moderate - Primrose
crocidipterum Moderate - Hawthorn
edwardi Moderate - Violets
harryanum- day/very strong/floral with peach
almost unpleasent up close
Isler's Abenglut Fragrant
maculatum Faint
pendulum Moderate - Lemon
platychulium Moderate - Day - Floral
praestans Moderate - Citrus
pulchellum Moderate - Sweet/Hyacinth

polystachys Strong - Night - Sweet/Spice

pseudowallisii Strong - Sweet/Spice

auriferum Faint
calochilum Moderate - Lemon/Roses
cheirophorum Strong - Day - Floral/Lemon
cheirophorum It is quite stinky, kind of like lemon with hints of vomit and sweet undertones
crispum Faint - Musty - Daffodils
divaricatum Moderate - Musty
enderianum Moderate - Lilacs
Gold Dust Reeks of cat urine
incurvum Strong
lanceanum Moderate - Vanilla Strong like spring bulbs
maculatum Moderate - Mushrooms
marshallianum Faint
ornithorhynchum Strong - Day - Chocolate Florally chocolate or like white chocolate and vanilla much like Sharry Baby
osmatochilum Strong - Lilacs
ramosissimum Faint
'Sharry Baby' Vanilla or chocolate
tigrinum Faint - Citrus/Violets
Twinkle (mostcolors/varieties) Not as nice as the ornithorhynchum
Twinkle Wonderful

chesteri Faint
fuciflora Faint - Cyclamen
muscifera Moderate - Musk

morio Moderate - Sweet
pallens Moderate - Cloves

inflexus Faint
myrticola Moderate - Lemon

radicans Moderate - Day - Honey
radicans Similar to the Enc. tampenses but not as strong

pulchellum Strong - Hyacinth

armeniacum Faint - Daffodil
delenatii Is generally said to smell of (synthetic) raspberry as well. Clones of both species vary in strength and specific scent - I have a delenatii that smells to the best of my description like red Kool-aid. also like citrus blooms Faint - Pepper
emersonii Mixture of chocolate and a compost pile also as Moderate - Chocolate
fairrieanum Faint - Day - Stale Urine
Joyce Hasagawa A powerful old-fashioned rose scent emerges
kolopakingii Intense scent of honeysuckle also desc. as Moderate - Honeysuckle
Lynleigh Koopowitz Pleasant fragrance of raspberries
malipoense Very powerful raspberry fragrance Fruity Moderate Day

amabilis Faint - Day
amboinensis Moderate - Day - Musk
bellina Strong - Day - Floral
Bright Peacock 'Sweet Fragrance' Smells like a combination of citrus with orange being the most prevalent
corningianna Strong and pleasant also Faint
Gene Wentz Faint flower-y
gigantea Moderate - Day/Sporadic - Orange Peel
Happy Girl In good light has a nice light floral scent, pleasing
javanica Moderate - Violets
lomita "dawn" -day/medium/ jasmine
lueddemanniana Moderate - Day
mannii Faint - Day very faint/ jasmine

mariae Faint - Day
modesta Strong - Day
Orchid World 'Joe' Rosy citrus
pulchra Moderate - Day
schilleriana Fragrant
speciosa Strong - Day
stuartiana Faint - Day - Coffee
venosa Kinda smokey
vestalis Moderate - Day
violacea Moderate - Day - Floral Perfume
violacea And many of it's crosses has a light but lovely fragrance, 2 open buds can fill a room.
wilsonii Moderate - Day
zebrina fragrant

articuata Moderate - Musk/Chocolate
chinensis Moderate - Not all plants fragrant
clemensii Faint
imbricata Moderate - Musk, Not all plants fragrant
mediocris Moderate - Sweet
pallida Faint
pectinata Faint
ventricosa Moderate - Sweet

jugosa Moderate - Watermelon

denevei Faint
labukensis Moderate - Cinnamon
laycockii Moderate - Lemon Grass

cerina Strong - Day
dayana Moderate - Day
klabochorum Strong - Day
lehmannii Moderate - Day
wallisii Moderate - Day - Lemon

amboinensis Faint - Day
callosus Moderate - Day
celebicus Moderate - Day
daenikerii Moderate - Day - Sour/Unpleasant
flavus Moderate - Day
tankervilleae Moderate - Day

schlimii Moderate - Berry

formosana Faint
humilis Faint
lagenaria Faint
maculata Moderate - Apple
pogonioides Moderate - Spice/Primrose
pricei Moderate
speciosa Faint

elegans Strong
gelida Moderate - Sweet
racemiflora Moderate - Pungent
xanthophthalma Faint

bicarinata Faint
hollandii Moderate - Roses
melliodora Moderate - Honey
ottoniana Faint
phalei Moderate - Orange Blossom

Burana Beauty 'Burana' AM/AOS Fragrant
Dal's Endeavor (Potfree spirit x c. walkeriana) Fragrant

alatum Strong, pungent smell
caffrum " "
catholicum " "

australe Strong - Sweet
cucullatum Moderate - Sweet
elatum Moderate - Sweet scent when warm
fuscum Moderate - Sweet

amaniensis Strong - Vanilla
musicola Moderate - Sweet

antennifera Smells like banana peels, smells like mushrooms

xanthopollinium Moderate - Fermented Fruit

gardneri Moderate - Sweet

digbyana An incredible combination lemon/soapy fragrance
digbyana Strong lemon-like perfume
digbyana Strong - Day - Lemon
digbyana (citronellol, rose-like)
digbyana Citrusy
digbyana Linalool (lily-of-the-valley)
glauca Emits a rosy-floral scent
glauca Strong - Day - Lemon

coelestis Moderate - Sweet
cordatum-day/faint/ interesting
digbyana Strong - Day - Lemon
flauca Strong
gigantea Strong - Spicy
retusa Strong - Citrus

candida Moderate - Citron
decora Faint

Sugar Baby 'Kultana' Caramel candy

hartwegii Moderate - Honey
virescens Moderate - Vanilla

foliosum Smells like quinces
neglectum Sweet smell

jasminodora Moderate - Jasmine
trifida Strong

japonica Strong - Day - Floral Perfume (very lemony to my nose, pleasant Michigoose)

mitrata Strong - Candy

humbertiana Moderate - Spice
robusta Moderate - Spice

fragrans Moderate - Sweet

unguiculatum Moderate - Grape

exigua Faint
gracilis Faint
spiralis Faint - Musty

bucephalus Strong - Resiny calceolus Moderate - Eucalyptus
calceolus Strong
candida Moderate - Sweet
cirrhata 1,8-cineole (Vicks)
connata Moderate - Spice
costaricences Nutmeg
eburnea Moderate - Jasmine
florida Mothballs
gibbosa Moderate - Day
grandiflora Benzyl acetate (jasmine)
graveolens Moderate - Day - Faeces
hernandezii Strong - Fruit
insignis Strong - Day - Cinnamon
jenishiana Moderate - Day - Cinnamon
nigroviolacea Strong - Day
oculata Moderate - Vanilla
occulata Chocolate
occulata Vanilla
panamense Moderate - Day - Sweet/Mint
panamensis Chocolate mint
reichenbachiana Moderate - Jasmine
reichenbachiana Benzylacetate (jasmine)
saccata Moderate - Day - Methyl cinnimate(cinnamon)
tigrina Very strong - Day - Vanilla
tigrina var nigroviolacea Chocolate vanilla
tricornis Moderate - Day - Jasmine
tricornis Benzyl acetate (jasmine)
wardii Strong - Day - Chocolate/Medicinal

formosanum Moderate - Morning - Vanilla
sarmatarii Moderate - Morning - Vanilla

marshalliana Moderate - Oranges

fragrans Strong - Almonds
suavis Moderate - Hawthorn
tortilis Moderate - Licorice

kotoense Strong - Day - Honey, miniature and highly fragrant
odoratissimum Strong - Day

geminata Pleasant powerful fragrance
philippinensis Pleasant powerful fragrance

amesiana Very strong pleasant scent, between hyacinth and gardenia
Bensonii x V. Limbada You can smell it several feet away
coeruea Moderate - Not all fragrant
crista Faint
denisoniana Moderate - Early Evening
insignis Strong
lamellata Pleasant powerful fragrance
merrillii Strong - Spicy
merrillii x V. Pak Chong Day - fragrant changes over time, soapy, Dr.Pepper or maybe cinnamon, very subtle
pumila Strong
tessellata Strong
tricolor Strong - Day - Grape/Spice

aphylla Faint
calopogon Faint
polylepis Faint - Vanilla
pompona Moderate - Heliotrope Fruit

Lou Sneary Cotton candy

Marie Elle Heavenly Beautifully fragrant
Susy Scarlett Passion AM/AOS Beautifully fragrant

centroglossum Strong
elongatum Faint - Cucumber
hyacinthianum Moderate - Hyacinth
palmifolium Faint
squalens Has a nice floral odor to it

crinitum Strong - Carnation
intermedium Rosy/lilacfragrance
mackayi Strong scent of jonquils
mackayi Strong - Day - Grape Soda
mackayi A fresh floral smell, excellent fragrance
maxillare Moderate - Day - Floral
Redvale fire kiss A semi-cloying hyacinth like scent
triste That smells of fresh pepper


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