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Silverware Windchime

10 years ago

{{gwi:2110293}}Image by: butterbeanbaby
Cherished Windchime
Silverware Windchime

Member butterbeanbaby made this windchime with silverware from her childhood. In addition to being beautiful it also holds a special meaning. Here's how:

I drilled holes in the silverware with a 5/16" metal/tile bit and used crimp beads to secure the fishing line to the light fixture cap. I flattened the silverware by banging it with a 3 lb. sledge hammer - this worked better on the carpet in the basement than on the garage floor. Fishing line was used to string the beads and hold the pieces of silver. I had planned on twisting the tines of the forks but they're fairly short so I decided to wait and do that on the next one I make.

Member kingscrew added this TIP: I have been using glass beads too. It's very relaxing to do while TV is on in evening. The reason for flattening the spoon is to change the sound. The more individual little "dings" on each one the more variation you get with the sound. I like hanging the knives because the three shapes look so good and the hollow handles on the silverplate knives are so easy to drill.

And Member Lara adds another TIP: You might want to attach a fishing swivel to the top, so it moves round and round, oh
don't worry, they will still clang, just not as much.


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