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Cylinder Cat Head Project

10 years ago

{{gwi:2110281}}Image by: Ruth2
"Cylinder Cat Project"

The directions and photos for this project are from GJ Member Ruth2

The cement cylinders were in my yard when I moved here. They are drainage pipes 12" tall, about 5" diameter. The styrofoam ball is 6". I took Durhams Water Putty and made a thin slurry out of it and put all over the ball. I was hoping this would help the paint adhere to it. Then I made a thicker solution of the Water Putty to mold the ears and muzzle area. It's a little sticky until it starts to dry.

The cement cylinders and ball were primed then painted with folk art paints (acrylics). I have not sealed them, but the Water Putty will absorb moisture, according to the directions on the can. So if they will be outside, a good sealer is recommended.

This was modeled after my cat, Charlie. I still have it in the house, sitting on the table and whenever I see it, I'm always tempted to yell "Charlie, get off the table"!!

Added note: I sent an email to Water Putty company regarding sealing projects for outside use. Here is the reply:

"In many cases, painting with an exterior latex or oil based paint is adequate protection for the putty from moisture. I'm not sure, however, that acrylic paints will provide enough waterproofing to protect the I would probably try sealing the sculpture with a coating of a clear waterproof polyurethane varnish (like a boat finish) Hopefully you can find something in a flat finish. I'd probably go to a paint store and get their opinion. They should be able to recommend something to help you out.

It is possible to seal the water putty before painting it. If you want to try that, I would suggest giving the putty a coating of "Gorilla Glue." This is a waterproof polyurethane adhesive, and it provides a waterproof surface that is paintable and would keep water from getting into the putty, or if by some chance the water putty would get damp, it would help keep the moisture from making the paint peel off."

So, at this point, I will seal with Spar Varnish, but on my future cats for the garden, I think I will get the "Gorilla Glue".


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